On 13th of April 2012 Trefjar received the The President of Iceland Export award. At a special ceremony held at the presidential residence in Bessastadir, Mr Olafur Ragnar Grimsson the President of Iceland presented Trefjar with the awards. Trefjar is given the 2012 awards for its leadership in building and development of glassfiber boats for the fishing industries. The designs Trefjar have made are accecpted at various international markets and the company has been creative in developing its products to suit different markets. The trophy entitled “Anchor” is a symbol of sailing and was made by the artist Tinna Gunnarsdottir.

The award is thanks to Trefjar’s strong team and extensive experience. Trefjar would also like to thank all their distributors and subcontractors in Iceland and abroad, they certainly got their share in this award. Trefjar is extremely proud to receive the award and it will certainly boost the company’s intention to continue its development strategy and services to the fishing industry in Iceland and abroad.