Tom-Kenneth and Kurth-Anders Slettvoll brothers from Kabelvåg in Lofoten recently received two new Cleopatra 33 boats.

The boats names Ørsvåg II and Ørsvåg III have origin in the area. They have Loa of 9.99 meters.

The boats replace an older boat that was launced in 2019.

The  boats have identical specification:

Main engine is an FPT C90 410hp coupled to a ZF286IV gear.

Electronics are from Furuno, Olex and Simrad.

They are fitted with hydraulically operated bow and stern thrusters that are connected to the autopilot via interface.

They are fitted for longlining. Line equipment comes from Beitir.

The fish hold is designed for 12pcs 380liter fish tubs.

Liferaft and other safety equipment is delivered by Viking-Life.

There is a seating area for 3-4 people in the bridge and cooking facilities in the forwarxd cabin area. Biunks for 3 people in forward cabin. Toilet / shower in i seperate room with access from deck.

The boats have started fishing in Norway.